About Us (Tentang Kami)

PawsiPup is a personalized t-shirt label with one simple goal to help all dog and cat lovers express their beautiful bond with their pets. Providing lightweight and breathable t-shirts with the fluffy face of cat or dog artwork on the shirt, PawsiPup want to give pet lovers the chance to show off their wonderful pets to everyone.

We believe that a paw isn't just a paw. There is love and story in every paw that is sometimes going to be deep and personal. Hence, each designed piece is created to reminisce the wonderful friendship with our cats and dogs.

As pet lovers, we are at PawsiPup believe that our pets bring so much love, joy, affection and humor to our lives. Our pets are an integral part of our family. Please meet our family with our lovely cat and dog; Fuad with the most sweet and big eater cat named Jojo and also beautiful blue-grey eyes and independent cat named Pao; Galuh with silly yet playful cat named Grigu, Ipang with Blontheng and Miku; and Suryo with Danbi.

Let every pet owner cherish and hold their beloved pets forever. Share a deep love for pets, this connections goes deeper than words